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There are many programs offered at Middle Park Primary School which come under the heading of “Transition”.
An extensive program exists for Prep students. The Prep Transition Coordinator visits the local kindergartens to discuss the progress of those students who will be attending Middle Park Primary School the following year. These students are also observed within the pre-school settings.
The Prep students are invited to participate in several activities prior to their commencement at Middle Park Primary School. They attend their new classrooms to meet and work with their prospective Prep teacher, attend Junior School assembly, participate in an orientation afternoon where they meet the staff who conduct the programs in the areas of Art, Physical Education, French and Music. There is also an information evening for new Prep parents. We continue our Prep home visit program which was put in place in 2015 to help develop and strengthen school / family relationships. These were highly effective, and our Prep teachers were able to see a side of the children that can be quite different from the child that comes to school! A valuable insight to help assist the student’s transition and settling into school.
Whole School
During the first week of Term 1, teachers run a “Bright Start” program in their class to assist building relationships between students and establishing the class environment.
In term 4 Middle Park Primary School conducts a whole school transition program to assist the students who are moving to new levels within the school. This is designed to familiarize the students with programs and classrooms for the following year, and to make the transition from one level to another within the school as smooth as it can be.
Secondary School
It is the role of the Level 4 transition coordinator to enable the move from the Primary School to Secondary School setting to be as easy for our students as it can be. The students visit the local secondary school where they participate in programs organised by their teaching staff. There are visits to Middle Park Primary School from the local secondary colleges where staff and Year 7 students address our Grade 6 students. Here, they have the opportunity to ask questions about school programs and discuss any concerns they may have. The Level 4 transition coordinator also has contact with staff of various other secondary schools where students from Middle Park Primary School will be attending. Our Grade 6 teachers also prepare reports on their students which are sent to the secondary schools which MPPS students will be attending in the following year.
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