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Middle Park Primary School provides all students with access to a computer laboratory, as well as networked computers, iPads and laptop computers in their classroom.

All students from Prep to Year 6 attend Information Technology sessions with their classroom teacher in the computer laboratory.


The Information Technology curriculum is designed to develop students’ computer skills and knowledge of computer hardware and software programs as well as how to incorporate this learning into Literacy, Numeracy and Inquiry. The program has the main focus of educating students to use technology in a safe and responsible manner to research, communicate with others, visualise their thinking and create presentations and information products. The school follows the 4Cs of 21st Century Learning.


Students use a variety of software packages as well as a variety of quality online services. Children in Year 3 to 6 use the Google suite of tools (GSuite), which includes Gmail, Google Docs and Google Slides. All work is stored in the cloud, making access at home much easier. Students can collaborate on work or share work with parents easily and safely. Email is monitored and internet access is filtered using the state government's eduSTAR network.


For more information on the GSuite terms of use, please visithttps://gsuite.google.com/terms/education_privacy.html 


To find out more about the 1:1 iPad Program in Year 5/6, please visit http://byod.mpps.me



All students and parents are required to fill out the acceptable use agreements. The agreements contain useful information about the ways in which ICT is used for learning, as well as helpful information for parents.


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